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Storage Units

Secure and Spacious Storage

When it comes to the storage of your items, we understand that protection and space are the number one qualities you are looking for. That is why our team at Victory Self Storage will be meeting your needs with 450 brand new units on top of our pre-existing 600. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, giving us a strive to offer only clean, secure, and protected storage for anything you need us to look after. We have been meeting the storage needs of our clients since 2010, and we aim to continue providing the same level of convenient quality services we have become known for.

Storage UnitsRV Storage

Brand New Storage Units

With our brand new facility, you will have your choice of 450 untouched and unused storage units for you to use at your leisure. These units offer different functions for whatever your needs may be, including our mini storage and RV storage options. Our mini storage services offer you good lighting, solid concrete floors, and a secure location for storage. Just contact us for further details on going rates.

Our RV storage gives you a protected and covered location in which you can store your large vehicles and attachments that you don't currently have space for. For those that need moving supplies for storage or transportation can find moving paper, tape, and other supplies in our office. If you ever have a question about our services, rates, and more, feel free to get in contact with us.

Sizes and prices

7202 W. Victory

Dimensions Square Feet Price
5x6 30 $45.00
5x8 40 $49.00
5x9 45 $50.00
6x8 48 $53.00
9x9 81 $73.00
9x10 90 $79.00
10x10 100 $85.00
10x10WD 100 $87.00
10x12 120 $89.00
10x15 150 $93.00
10x16 160 $95.00
10x18 180 $97.00
10x20 200 $99.00
10x22 220 $101.00
10x24 240 $105.00
12x25 300 $137.00
12x25DD 300 $150.00
10x36DD 360 $155.00
10x40DD 400 $185.00
Uncovered RV 12x35 420 $65.00

2092 Beverly St.

Dimensions Square Feet Price
5x10 50 $55.00
5x12 60 $60.00
7x14 98 $85.00
11x10 110 $88.00
10x20 200 $99.00
10x24 240 $105.00
12x24 288 $135.00
Covered RV 13x44 572 $155.00